Collection: Custom Bible Bags

Dislike keeping up with your purse, Bible, notebook & pens at church or Bible study?

MnM’s Bible bag style has a main compartment that opens like a Bible cover & can be made to carry either 1 or 2 books of similar size. In addition, this unique style also features:

-A front zippered + pocketed compartment for purse items (complete with a key hook)
-An invisible zipper pocket on the back that’s great for pens, note cards, hiding things, etc.
-A pocket in the main opening where the 'spine' is, ideal for pens/highlighters
-As well as a strap that allows it to be a crossbody or shoulder purse

...All of which makes it the perfect bag for keeping a Bible, notebook & purse items organized on-the-go, or even around the house!

Custom Sewn Bible Cover Purse

Custom Orders also Accepted

Is there a particular women or girls' clothing style that you are shopping for? Or an accessory that is no longer listed here on the website? Visit MnM's portfolio to see designs that are available for custom order, or contact me with a description of what you are looking for. I would be happy to try and help.

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